About Us

Advocacy for Better Dental Care

Affinity Network is a leading and preferred provider of guaranteed dental care services and benefits in the Philippines. As a company dedicated to health and wellness, Affinity has been the most vocal and active advocate of making dental care better in the country.

While recent scientific studies and research have already established the relationship of dental and oral care to the general health and well-being of an individual, the state of dental and oral health among most Filipinos remain poor, neglected and ignored.

Through Affinity Network, and Affinity Dental, we hope to be able to:

  • Provide the necessary leadership in the healthcare industry in order to pursue advancements in the quality and standards of the dental practice;
  • Promote, protect and uplift the respect of Filipinos for the dental profession;
  • Consolidate the support and participation of our accredited dentists in the Philippines in making Dental Care better among Filipinos;
  • Provide every Filipino with access to quality yet affordable dental care;
  • Lead the advocacy for dental care to be a critical, integral and inseparable component of the country’s healthcare system.